Transportation Divination

Facilitation Tool, Transportation Dialogue

72-card deck, box, booklet

Washington State Department of Transportation

Smart Growth America
Art Place America
National Endowment for the Arts

The Transportation Divination Deck was produced as a tool to understand and inhabit the conversational nature of transportation work. It was created using excerpts from agency-wide interviews with employees at the Washington State Department of Transportation and images of the identifying landmarks of each maintenance region. The seventy-eight card deck functions as a portrait of a statewide agency, a strategy for creative evaluation, and conversational divination.

  • Excerpted from the instruction manual:

    At the Washington State Department of Transportation, they call this “imaginary future world looking.” This is a great way to explore possibilities and outcomes as they relate to a question or topic. Shuffle the cards for a few moments and clear your headspace. Think of a question, write it down, and place it in the middle of the table. Cut the deck into four piles and evenly space around the question like a compass rose. Flip over the top card of each pile. Journal your responses or discuss with a colleague. Think radically about how the phrases relate to each other and how they illustrate creative and new ways to address the unknowns.

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