Creative Engagement
Igniting Conversations, Shaping Communities

At Hi-Vis Agency, we're not content with the ordinary; we thrive on sparking extraordinary connections. Our Creative Engagement approach is a vibrant fusion of artistry and strategy, designed to give voice to communities and redefine the way we engage.

Through our Creative Community Engagement (CCE) framework, we craft dynamic plans that draw out authentic insights from your community. We don't just listen; we create platforms for dialogue, test innovative prototypes, and sculpt collaborative futures. Whether you're a tight-knit neighborhood or a sprawling municipality, our experts blend culture, advocacy, and inclusivity into every plan.

This is a journey of co-creation, where diverse voices converge and grassroots ideas flourish; our shared aspirations resonate far beyond conversation. 

Featured Work

Maintenance is Sexy


This visibility campaign was created to support the labor of maintenance workers in transportation, though the sentiment can be applied across all sectors of labor and imagination.  

Creative Engagement

We are committed to making visible the undercurrents and overtures of the working world around us. Our projects live at the intersection of creative production and social engagement, building futures from neighbor-to-neighbor dialogue, civic sharing, and bright-eyed perspectives.


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