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Hi-Vis Agency is your partner in propelling communities forward through innovative programming. Our track record speaks volumes – from rural artist residencies to groundbreaking government initiatives, we design programs that redefine possibilities. With our shared expertise in ideation and facilitation, we craft experiences with purpose and collaborative power. At Hi-Vis, we're not just architects of change; we're cultivators of collaboration, nurturing ideas into programs that leave an indelible mark on society. 

Featured Work

The Maintenance Post

The Maintenance Post is a hyperlocal newsprint publication connecting the public to the often invisible labor of maintenance work.

The Maintenance Post is at it’s core an interdisciplinary arts-inclusive collaborative research project. It is an innovative and the  first of its kind collaboration of artists and statewide transportation departments. The project is on-going and has the ability to have impact at a range of scales, from local communities to state legislators. The project is based on deep, in the field research from urban to rural places. 

Creative Programming

We are committed to making visible the undercurrents and overtures of the working world around us. Our projects live at the intersection of creative production and social engagement, building futures from neighbor-to-neighbor dialogue, civic sharing, and bright-eyed perspectives.


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