This Book is A Bridge

Publication, Sculpture, Research Document

270 pages, full-color, spiral bound

Washington State Department of Transportation

Smart Growth America
Art Place America
National Endowment for the Arts

Office of Virtue

This document is a moment in time and a mileage marker. It’s the roadmap to WSDOT’s pilot residency program, the first in the nation, a big bold beautiful experiment within a complex government agency. It’s authored by the artists and inspired by all the people that took time to sit and teach us the way their world moves. As the first ever program like this in a statewide Department of Transportation, we hope it’s a helpful step towards future collaboration and new ways of thinking about transportation and arts.

This publication chronicled the journey of WSDOT’s pilot artists-in-residence, set the stage for future creative dialogue, and presented a number of projects that address common themes along the way. We consider it a social sculpture and also a 270 page full color publication. It is a report about people and their places, the very human effort it takes to hold the transportation network together. We presented it to the agency as a scenic byway.

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