Art in the Afterwards

Creative Documentation as Community Practice

Virtual, In-Person

Springboard for the Arts
Upstream Arts Initiative

Creative documentation lives at the periphery of art-making, which is why it is so often forgotten! The work that artists do in the world has a powerful impact beyond the present tense, but it requires a persistent commitment to telling the story. This workshop provides artists with a toolbox of strategies for storytelling across space, time, and medias. We will explore a range of documentation techniques and develop a documentation plan that harmonizes with your existing creative process.

In this workshop we:
  • Put the art back into artifact and engage the afterlife of your] creative projects
  • Lasso your time into actionable and documentable steps
  • Research and recognize your audience beyond direct collaborators
  • Discover the different ways your creative process is suited for storytelling
  • Activate your particular process and skill-set to integrate natural documentation systems

Attendees received:
  • A short reflective workbook for visualizing creative process (PDF)
  • A template for creative documentation plan (PDF)
  • A flowchart of questions for self-evaluation (PDF)

If you are interested in purchasing the workbook for your own documentation practice, please reach out to Mary.

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